A Professional and Under Supervised Financial Platform

 What is Linkey


Key Values

Investment Consulting
Providing consulting services and information for digital asset investment.
Blockchained Financial Services
Implement financial services on blockchain.
Variety of Funds
Different kinds of fund for need of different investors.
Financial Derivatives
Generate financial derivatives for risk hedging.
Invest Blockchain Projects
Help investors to identify and invest blockchain related projects.
Cooperating with financial institutions to break the block of channel between digital assets and real economy.
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Q1 2018

PCO(Private Coin Offering) Tier One

Q2 2018

​The first version of functional website launches

Q2-Q3 2018

​Fund Business in Private Blockchain 

Q1-Q2 2019

Expend Investing Services

Q1-Q2 2020

Beta Version of Public and Private Blockchain Launch

Q3-Q4 2019

Alpha Version of Public and Private Blockchain Launch

Q3-Q4 2020

Financial Platform and Community Platform Launch


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